Jaymin Patel, MD, MPH

Jaymin G Patel

Jaymin G Patel

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PO Box 100238
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PO Box 100238

About Dr. Patel

program/degree institution field/specialty
M.D. Tyler State Medical Academy Medicine
Externship Griffin Hospital Pulmonary Medicine
Residency Griffin Hospital Internal Medicine


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  • Patel, J., Bhagatwala, J., Beati, L.. (2012). Seasonal genetic diversity of Ixodes scapularis collected at a single site.. Poster presented at: 76th annual meeting of Georgia Entomological Society; Statesboro, GA.
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  • Spencer, J., Alfonso, M., Patel, J., McDermott, D., Spell, C.. (2012). Driving under the influence of alcohol – factors that relate to prevention on rural roadways.. Poster presented at: 20th Annual Meeting of the Society for Prevention Research; Washington DC.
  • Sitalakshmi Roshan,MD; Jaymin Patel,MD; Richard Salzano,MD; Kenneth Spector, MD & Neil Pearson, MD.”Limb ischemia and the path that lead to the paradox” Poster precented at ACP Connecticut chapter 2013.
  • Pranav Barve, MD, Sitalakshmi Roshan, MD, Jaymin Patel, MD, Seema D’souza, MD. An Unusual cause of pleural effusion – Spontaneous chylothorax. Poster presented at ACP Connecticut chapter 2013
  • Jaymin Patel, MD; Ali Ershadi,MD; Howard Quentzel, MD. Interesting presentation of Anaplasmosis. Poster presented at ACP Connecticut chapter 2015.
  • Jaymin Patel, MD, Qurat-ul-ain Jelani, MD, Craig Mcpherson, MD. Not so innocent PVCs: A complex case of PVC-induced cardiomyopathy. Poster presented at Connecticut Chapter of the American College of Cardiology (CCACC) scientific meeting 2016.