Bhagwan Dass, MD, FACP, FASN

Bhagwan Dass, MD, FACP, FASN
Clinical Professor of Medicine
Faculty Development Medical Director
Division of Hospital Medicine
PO Box 100238
Gainesville, FL 32610
Office: (352) 733-1234
Fax:  (352) 265-0379

About Dr. Dass

program/degree institution field/specialty
Internship Government Medical College Internal Medicine
Residency St. Elizabeth Health Center Internal Medicine
Fellowship University of Florida Nephrology

Recent Publications/Research:

  • Dass B, Beaver TM, Shimada M, Alquadan KF, Koratala A, Singhania G, Singh A, and Ejaz AA. 2020. Natriuretic Peptides in Acute Kidney Injury – A Sojourn on Parallel Tracks? European Journal of Internal Medicine. 71: 39-44.
  • Ejaz AA, Dass B, Lingegowda V, Shimada M, Beaver TM, Ejaz NI, Abouhamze AS, and Johnson RJ. 2013. Effect of Uric Acid Lowering therapy on the Prevention of Acute Kidney Injury in Cardiovascular Surgery. International Urology and Nephrology. 45(2): 449-458.
  • Mohandas R, Dass B, and Ejaz AA. 2019. Contrast-Associated Acute Kidney Injury. New England Journal of Medicine. 381(13): 1295. (Letter to the editor)
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  • Mohandas R, Dass B, and Ejaz AA. 2019. Kinetics of Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor and Endothelin 1 Levels in Acute Kidney Injury. American Journal of Kidney Diseases. 74(5): 712-713.
  • Koratala A, Dass B, Alquadan KF, Sharma S, Singhania G, and Ejaz AA. 2019. Static Pressures, Intra-Access Blood Flow and Dynamic Kt/V Profiles in the Prediction of Dialysis Access Function. World Journal of Nephrology. 8(3): 59-66.
  • Dass B, Dimza M, Singhania G, Schwartz C, George J, Bhatt A, Radhakrishnan N, Bansari A, Bozorgmehri S, and Mohandas R. 2019. Renin-Angiotensin-Aldosterone System Optimization for Acute Decompensated Heart Failure Patients (ROAD-HF): Rationale and Design. American Journal of Cardiovascular Drugs. volume 20, pages373–380(2020
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  • Dass B, Shimada M, Kambhampati G, Ejaz NI, Arif AA, and Ejaz AA. 2012. Fluid Balance as an Early Indicator of Acute Kidney Injury in CV Surgery. Clinical Nephrology. 77(6): 438-444.
  • Mohandas R, Diao Y, Chamarthi G, Krishnan S, Agrawal N, Wen X, Dass B, Shukla AM, Gopal S, Koç M, Segal MS. Circulating endothelial cells as predictor of long-term mortality and adverse cardiovascular outcomes in hemodialysis patients. Semin Dial. 2021 Mar;34(2):163-169. doi: 10.1111/sdi.12943. Epub 2020 Dec 5.
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