Patient Care

What is a Hospitalist?

A Hospitalist is your general practitioner and liaison to the medical world while in the hospital. In the highly specialized world of medicine, your personal medical needs will often be addressed my multiple specialists. The Hospitalist keeps all of your specialists, primary care provider, and you on the same page to ensure that you get the most helpful and efficient medical care possible. Hospitalists keep your primary care provider informed on your condition in the hospital. Specifically, a Hospitalist oversees:

  • Prompt and complete attention to all patient care needs including diagnosis, treatment, and the performance of medical procedures (within their scope of practice).
  • Employing quality and process improvement techniques
  • Collaboration, communication, and coordination with all physicians and healthcare personnel caring for hospitalized patients
  • Safe transitioning of patient care within the hospital, and from the hospital to the community, which may include oversight of care in post-acute care facilities.
  • Efficient use of hospital and healthcare resources