Robert Leverence, MD

Robert Leverence, MD
Professor and Vice Chair for Clinical Affairs
Division of Hospital Medicine
PO Box 100238
Gainesville, FL 32610
Office:  (352) 594-3589
Fax:  (352) 265-0379

Professional Biography

  • Upon completing his residency, Dr. Leverence joined a primary care group practice in Cedar Falls, Iowa where he practiced for the next 4 years. In 1997 he joined faculty at the University of New Mexico where he was later appointed Chief of General Internal Medicine. In 2011 he joined faculty at the University of Florida as Chief of the Division of Hospital Medicine and Clinical Vice Chair of the Department of Medicine.




BS University of  Iowa Biochemistry
MD University of Iowa Medicine
Residency University of Rochester Combined Medicine/Pediatrics

Academic Interests

  • Dr Leverence’s academic interests lie in studying the process of care delivery, particularly in underserved and vulnerable populations.

Clinical Interests

  • Along with providing direct clinical care to hospitalized patients, Dr Leverence also works closely with hospital and academic administrators in designing processes to deliver high quality and safe team-based care at Shands University of Florida.

Recent Publications

  • Leverence R, Williams R, Potter M, Fernald D, Unverzagt M, Pace W, Parns B, Daniels E, Skipper B, Volk RJ, Brown AE, Rhyne R for the PRIME Net Consortium. Chronic Non-Cancer Pain: A Siren for Primary Care. A Report from PRIME Net. J Am Board Fam Med. In Press. 
  • Leverence R, Willimas R, Pace W, Parnes B, Fry-Johnson Y, Pathack D, Skipper B, Daniels E, Kroth P for the PRIME Net Consortium. Context of Clinical Care: The Case of Hepatitis C in Underserved Communities – A Report from the Primary Care Multi-Ethnic Network (PRIME Net) Consortium. J Am Board Fam Med, 2009;22(6) 638-646.  
  • Kroth P, McPherson L, Leverence R, Pace W, Daniels E, Rhyne R, Williams R, for the PRIME Net Consortium.User Preferences for Completing Practice-Based Research Network Survey: A Case Report from PRIME Net. Ann Fam Med 2009;7:245-248. 
  • Sussman A, Williams RW, Leverence R, Gloyd PW, Crabtree BF.  Self Determination Theory and Preventive Care Delivery: A Research Involving Outpatient Settings Network (RIOS Net) Study.  J Am Board Fam Med 2008; 21:282-292
  • Leverence R, Williams RW, Sussman A, Crabtree BF. Obesity Counseling and Guidelines in Primary Care. A Qualitative Study. Am J Prev Med 2007;32 (4):334-339. 
  • Sussman A, Williams RW, Leverence R, Gloyd PW, Crabtree BF on Behalf of RIOS Net Clinicians.  The Art and Complexity of Primary Care Clinicians’ Preventive Counseling Decisions: Obesity as a Case Study.  Annals of Family Medicine 4 (2006) 327-333 
  • Leverence R, Martinez M, Whisler S, Romero-Leggott V, Harji F, Milner M, Voelz J. Does Office-Based Counseling of Adolescents and Young Adults Improve Self-Reported Safety Habits? A Randomized Controlled Effectiveness Trial. J. Adolesc. Health, 36(2005)523-528. 

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